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Welcome to my art activist blog, a world of poetry, art activism, dance, music, politics, protest, and social action.  Join me in cultural exploration and action in the struggle for peace and justice.

Art Activist Nina Serrano Speaking at "Elimination of Violence towards Women and Girls" Rally, San Francisco City Hall, 2008, Photo by Daniel del Solar

Art Activist Nina Serrano Speaking at “Elimination of Violence towards Women and Girls” Rally, San Francisco City Hall, 2008, Photo by Daniel del Solar

Listen to La Raza Chronicles where you can hear interviews with Latino cultural and political activists, with reports and analyses about movements in the Americas. Hear announcements of important upcoming events in the San Francisco Bay Area.  My segments of the program focus on poets, musicians, dancers, and artists who tell about their latest works and artistic process.  Political leaders and organizers come to the studio to tell us about subjects that don’t appear in the mainstream media such as the Cuban Five, the kidnapping of children in El Salvador, and barrio life and culture.

Open Book: Poet to Poet is a monthly program broadcast on the first Friday of the month at 3PM.  I produce and host Poet to Poet, focusing on poetry and occasionally fiction. I interview writers who read from their works and share their artistic process.  Hearing our conversations about creativity and the poetic path offers listeners a world and framework to enhance their own creativity and find new good books to read.  Tune in.

I often participate in live poetry performances and readings with some of the most exciting and socially engaged poets in the Bay Area.  Check my calendar to find out what’s happening. My poetry appears occasionally on this blog and in my newly published poetry books, Heart’s Journey and Heart Strong (forthcoming) and other publications.

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About Nina Serrano: Nina is a well-known, international prize-winning inspirational author and poet. With a focus on Latino history and culture, she is also a playwright, filmmaker, KPFA talk show host, a former Alameda County Arts Commissioner, and a co-founder of the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Oakland Magazine’s “best local poet” in 2010, she is a former director of the San Francisco Poetry in the Schools program and the Bay Area’s Storytellers in the Schools program. A Latina activist for social justice, women’s rights, and the arts, Nina Serrano at 82 remains vitally engaged in inspiring change and exploring her abundant creativity. For more information go to ninaserrano.comor contact her publisher at For more detailed information about Nina see About Ninaon her website.

About Estuary Press: Estuary Press is the publisher of Nicaragua Way. It is also the home of the Harvey Richards Media Archive, a repository of photography and video documentaries of various social change and political movements during the 1960s and 1970s. Contact Paul Richards (510) 967 5577, or visit for more details.

MEDIA – For photos & interviews: Paul Richards (510) 967 5577;

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