Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano Featuring DL Lang

People’s Poet Laureate of Vallejo CA DL Lang known to friends as “Diana” is a welcoming and accessible poet who invites Vallejo poets to write and perform for this diverse and beautiful community. DL is one of the most active California … Continue reading

1960s Weather Underground Meets 1930’s Radical Union Organizer

100 Letters from My Father by Charlotte Marchant A Nina Serrano Production: a 1-hour KPFA-FM Special 100 Letters From My Father by Charlotte Marchant: A radical working-class family’s saga told through a dialog between a daughter in the 1960s Weather … Continue reading

Johanna Ely on Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

Johanna Ely

Sixth Poet Laureate of Benicia, California Johanna Ely is a strong lyrical force among the Benicia poets, hosting readings and publishing two books, Transformation and Tides of the Heart. She became the sixth poet laureate of her beloved Benicia from 2016 to … Continue reading

Johanna Ely: I Am Tired of Waking Up to the Faces of Dead Children

Trailer for the 3rd Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano featuring Johanna Ely Full Interview Premiers Here on August 18, 2018 Johanna Ely, Benicia, California Poet Laureate emeritus (2016-2018), speaks out about the school shootings in her poem entitled I Am … Continue reading

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

Interviewing Fabulous Writers and Poets Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano is a new series featuring fabulous writers and poets reading from their own works in conversation with me. Produced by Estuary Press, the series will appear on my Youtube channel and … Continue reading

Nina Serrano Interviews Genea Brice on Literary Dialogs

Vallejo’s First Poet Laureate has A Way with Words Genea Brice the first poet laureate of Vallejo CA successfully campaigned for 3 years to initiate a poet laureate program in her hometown. Vallejo is a diverse working-class waterfront city on the shores … Continue reading

Arturo Mantecón on Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

Translator of “Poetry Comes Out of My Mouth” by Mario Santiago Papasquiaro Welcome to “Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano,” the Estuary Press video series. In each episode I dialog with a favorite author and/or translator reading from their own writings. … Continue reading

Universal Earth Justice Peace Flag and Button

Nina Serrano Interviews Rafael Jesús González Poet Laureate of Berkeley, California creates a symbol for the Grand Vision to Unite Us All: A whole earth (entire, healthy, integral) capable of supporting all life. I had the pleasure of interviewing Rafael Jesús … Continue reading

Vanessa Quesada – Run for Peace and Dignity

She Ran from Alaska to Argentina Nina Serrano interview from La Raza Chronicles/KPFA Vanessa Quesada – Run for Peace and Dignity – is an Indigenous Chicana who participates in the San Antonio Peace and Dignity Journey, the Esperanza Peace and … Continue reading

Reflexiones sobre la película – ¡Qué hacer!

Por Nina Serrano, codirector de la película Como uno de los tres directores de la película “Qué Hacer/What is to be Done”, filmada en 1970 en Chile y comercializada en 1973, volví a ver la película en 2018, solo dos años … Continue reading