Approaching International Women’s Day 2013

Opening the Borders of Education

mamacoatl 2013

Portrait, Mamacoatl

Nina Serrano interviews Mamacoatl on La Raza Chronicles/KPFA discussing her mind opening feminist cosmology, theories, poems, songs, and upcoming healing workshops. You will also hear about the cutting edge educational work emanating from Oakland’s historic treasure, Peralta Hacienda about the reframing of US history focusing on Spanish, Mexican, and American California. This is an opportunity to refresh your brain with cutting edge ideas and enjoy the Grammy nominated, Son Jarocho musicof Los Cojolites and Systema Bomb. Vanessa Bohm will bring you “News Headlines from the Americas.” Tune in and catch up! Please listen Tuesday, March 5 at 7pm or at your leisure at <www. KPFA.ORG>. 94.1fm.

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