Camilo Landau on Son Jarocho

Camilo Landau

Camilo Landau

Camilo Landau on Son Jarocho:  “Son Jarocho is a folkloric style of music from the Veracruz region of Mexico, that uses Mexican guitars called, jaranas, requintos Jarocho, Leonas, sometimes harp, and uses a percussive style of dancing on a wooden platform called a tarima. It’s often pointed to as an example of the African influence in Mexican music (Veracruz is a port city on the Caribean coast of Mexico). It’s a musical style that has really been passed down through generations and has been jealously guarded by it’s community. In this way it has partially resisted commercialization and stayed intact as a folk music tradition,  and it’s become a way for Latinos here in the United States to really connect with their roots as they search for a complex identity. Son Jarocho represents a link to historical traditions.”


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