Chicken Made of Rags Book by Nina Serrano

Chicken Made of Rags: From Oral Tradition to Theater The Chicken Made of Rags has been a family favorite children’s story and musical play for generations. The publication of the script in book form now makes it available for schools … Continue reading

Education for Storytelling

Storytelling: Children in Creative Arts Storytelling evolved in me as an outgrowth of work with and for children in creative drama, poetry, theatre, film and radio. The birth of my grandchildren propelled me into this oral performance tradition. My earliest … Continue reading

Nicaragua’s Program to End Economic Inequality

Program of Economic Reactivation for the Benefit of the People, 1980 by the Ministry of Planning Translated in 1982. Published in 2017 bilingually. “The 1980 Program was published as a pamphlet in Spanish by the Center of Publications of the … Continue reading

The Play “The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg” Is Now a Book.

The Script: From Writing Though Production The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg is a play I wrote in 1976 with Paul Richards and Judith Binder. The Rosenbergs were an American Jewish leftist couple caught up in the famous “Atomic spies case” of … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way, A Novel by Nina Serrano

An International Novel of Love and Revolution in the 1980s Available as Paperback and eBook. Nicaragua Way, a Novel tells the story of Lorna Almendros, a San Francisco Nicaraguan-American poet, passionately engaged in supporting revolutionary struggles in Latin America and the … Continue reading

The Story of the Chicken Made of Rags

The Story of the Chicken Made of Rags The Story of the Chicken Made of Rags is an old family tale handed down through generations. Nina Serrano’s Uncle Paul was raised in Cuba by his nanny, a slave who achieved freedom … Continue reading

Assassination of a Poet: Memories of Roque Dalton

My Friendship with Roque Dalton By NINA SERRANO (First Published in Counterpunch, 2007) I first met Roque Dalton in 1968 when I was in Havana working on a documentary film about Fidel with my then-husband, Saul Landau, and our two … Continue reading