Quilapayun “La Cantata de Santa Marie de Iquique” on TV 1976

Producing Quilapayun’s “La Canata de Santa Marie de Iquique” on US Television This 1976 taped interview is excerpted from the KQED TV production of Humberto Martinez’s theater piece based on Quilapayun’s La Cantata de Santa Maria de Iquique. I interviewed … Continue reading

“Back From Nicaragua” (1984)

Hear Pete Seeger, Holly Near, Joan Baez, Reverend Don Chase and the Looters   In October, 1983, my daughter Valerie Landau and I decided to make “Back from Nicaragua” upon hearing the news of the US invasion of the tiny … Continue reading

After the Earthquake/Después del terremoto

A film about Central America by Lourdes Portillo and Nina Serrano It was sometime around 1977 or `78 when Lourdes Portillo and I saw a short documentary film about Central America showing a Mary Knoll house building project in Nicaragua … Continue reading

What Is to Be Done? Que Hacer?

A Film about Chile in 1970 Nina Serrano co-directed Que Hacer with Saul Landau and Raul Ruis.  The film, co-produced by James Beckett and Saul Landau, won the Venice Film Festival prize for Directing. It was filmed on location in Chile during … Continue reading