Welcome Immigrant Children, Bienvenidos

Support the Immigrant Children I wrote this poem to read on July 7, 2014 at the peace poetry reading produced by the Revolutionary Poets Brigade/San Francisco, the World Poetry Movement and Laborfest 2014.  The poem was written in protest and shame … Continue reading

On New Years Day Unicorns Fly

The year ends in pajamas and nibbles of holiday leftovers and tying up loose ends tossing out clutter that gets in the way of winged unicorns preparing for flight and the soaring journey of the herd Lured by the glittering … Continue reading

A Poem for You: Learning to See in Darkness

Learning to See in Darkness You are learning to see in darkness Moving by feel Your skin an antenna Goose bumps signal when you find a live wire Words electrify the spirit with a flash of light illuminating the pathway … Continue reading

Menopause and the Juicy Red Bloody Mess

Menopause: Red Flower of the Last Blood, a Poem by Nina Serrano Today’s women’s movement brings menopause and menstruation into the global conversation about life, health and sexuality.  This poem describes the experience from the inside from my personal female … Continue reading