Advent of Winter Solstice by Nina Serrano

Advent of Winter Solstice A Winter Solstice Poem for You Advent of the Winter Solstice By Nina Serrano My Dear, What shall we do through the longest night when the moon and the star remain in sight and dawn hovers … Continue reading

2 Poems Celebrating International Women’s Month, March, 2014

“Women I Know” and “I Am So Visible” by Nina Serrano   Women I Know and I Am So Visible from Nina Serrano. THE STORY BEHIND “I AM SO VISIBLE” Performing my poems from Heart Strong celebrating International Women’s Month … Continue reading

Heart Strong Wins 2014 Pen Oakland Literary Award

Dec 6, 2014  Rockridge Public Library Oakland, CA Heart Strong, Selected Poems 2000-2012 by Nina Serrano I am thrilled and grateful to receive the Josephine Miles PEN Oakland Award 2014 for Excellence in Literature for my latest book of poems … Continue reading

Poems in Balmy Alley

Five Upbeat Poems in the Alley Poems in Balmy Alley poem video are performed among the Balmy Alley murals allowing us to see what treasures the artists have created there. The poems are contemporary with the murals. Each time I … Continue reading

Poems in the Redwoods

Nature and Spirit: Poems in the Redwoods Creating Poems in the Redwoods was a great galumphing romp in the beautiful Otis R. Johnson Park in Fort Bragg, California. We were greeted with wild bird sounds even in the parking lot. … Continue reading

A Poem for You: A Sudden Warm Day in Winter

A Sudden Warm Day in Winter Sunshine awakening me to a chorus of birds Bluebirds of happiness Quetzals of glory Phoenixes of regenerating hope Hummingbirds of fierce determination to suck the sweetness from life … Continue reading

On New Years Day Unicorns Fly

The year ends in pajamas and nibbles of holiday leftovers and tying up loose ends tossing out clutter that gets in the way of winged unicorns preparing for flight and the soaring journey of the herd Lured by the glittering … Continue reading

A Poem for You: Learning to See in Darkness

Learning to See in Darkness You are learning to see in darkness Moving by feel Your skin an antenna Goose bumps signal when you find a live wire Words electrify the spirit with a flash of light illuminating the pathway … Continue reading