A Poem for You: Antepasados/Ancestors

ANTEPASADOS/ANCESTORS We are one because America is one continent tied by the slender curves of Panama. We are one people tied by the buried bones of antepasados the buried bones of ancestors. from Asia to America from Africa to America … Continue reading

A Poem for You: A Sudden Warm Day in Winter

A Sudden Warm Day in Winter Sunshine awakening me to a chorus of birds Bluebirds of happiness Quetzals of glory Phoenixes of regenerating hope Hummingbirds of fierce determination to suck the sweetness from life … Continue reading

The Mission Story Poem text

The Mission Story by Nina Serrano I arrived in the Mission in 1961 The first thing I discovered were the hills of Dolores Street At the corner grocery I filled a bag with round oranges stuffing it into the flimsy … Continue reading