Happy International Womens Day 2016

Happy International Womens Day 2016
to All Women and Men

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Photo by Chris Matos, January 2016, Nina Serrano

Greetings on this glorious International Womens Day 2016 that so many struggled for since the loss of the woman-centered civilizations and cultures millenniums ago. Yes, scholars, anthropologists, theoreticians and dreamers say that once people lived on earth in woman-centered societies without wars; shared the work and joys of living, loving and worshipping Mother Nature. Then, came the patriarchal invaders with their concept  of private property, slavery and the many social and ecological evils we suffer from today.

This holiday began in the USA in 1908 when over 1500, mainly immigrant women workers marched down the New York City streets demanding fair pay and worker’s rights. Even earlier, the great abolitionist and women’s rights advocate, Sojourner truth was saying “Ain’t I A Woman?” demanding Black women’s freedom and equality. The women workers of Lawrence Massachusetts  sang loud and clear ” The rising of the women, means the rising of the race… bread and roses.”  I hope you find these poems above – my red roses for you, today.

Performing my poems celebrating International Women’s Month with Sascha Jacobsen’s Musical Art Quintet made for a euphoric experience. I accompanied Sascha’s Quintet, with guest pianist Cesar Cancion, at Salle Piano in San Francisco on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2014. The sensuality and rich beauty of the Quintet’s music created a magic carpet that carried me away to other realms whose only entrance is through music. The musicians’ skill and passion supported and transported me, giving me freedom to perform it fully.



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About Nina Serrano

Nina is a well-known, international prize-winning inspirational author and poet. With a focus on Latino history and culture, she is also a playwright, filmmaker, KPFA talk show host, a former Alameda County Arts Commissioner, and a co-founder of the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Oakland Magazine’s “best local poet” in 2010, she is a former director of the San Francisco Poetry in the Schools program and the Bay Area’s Storytellers in the Schools program. A Latina activist for social justice, women’s rights, and the arts, Nina Serrano at 84 remains vitally engaged in inspiring change and exploring her abundant creativity. For more information go to ninaserrano.com or contact her publisher at estuarypress.com. For more detailed information about Nina see About Nina on her website.


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  1. Thank you for expressing your love for the world and its inhabitants in everything you do, from raising children filled with that same love and their children who carry it forward, from creating pictures with words that raise the spirits and understanding of all who hear or read them, for broadcasting your love to all with the good sense to listen. Thank you for being a woman who teaches by example what being a woman really means: bringing people together, celebrating the riches of our differences, working to build unity and cooperation, cherishing peace, understanding and joy above all. In short, I am filled with admiration for your spirit and gratitude for our friendship over so many years. Be happy in your new home, and don’t forget the road to Oakland!

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