La Raza Chronicles: Focus on Artivists- We are watching! Somos Atentos!

Tonight on La Raza Chronicles ( KPFA-fm/94.1 fm) at 7pm Pacific Coast time, we will highlighting the extraordinary work of some of our community artivists. Julieta Kusnir interviews Favianna Rodriguez whose visual art is carried at rallies, demos and marches across the country bringing color and insight into Dream Act and other national mobilization campaigns for immigration and social justice.  You can see her work at

Adrian photo march 5

Photo by Adran Arias

I will be in conversation with  Mamacoatl, the outstanding healer, poet and musician about the recent almost spontaneous barrio rally “Somos Atentos! We are Watching!”  held this past Friday, January 11th at the 16th and Mission BART station in San Francisco, CA, where the community presented its manifesto for safety in the streets in response to a recent attempted rape and other attacks. The rally spearheaded by doctor and musician Rupa Mayra of Rupa and the April Fishes and other local artist/activists was complete with: banners, huge puppets, an altar, music, speakers, poetry and a foot/bicycle march down Mission Street at rush hour.  A maifesto was presented including information and a phone # to text or call for rides when people feel unsafe at night. We will also be playing Adrian Arias’ amazing poem written specially for the event. You can view the fotos he took of the happening here.

As always on La Raza Chronicles, we bring you great music along the way. Hope you listen and enjoy or you can catch it later on on the archives.

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