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Dylan Amaro-Mc Intyre, Nina Serrano and Alejandra Mojica. Lunada Literary Lounge Poets

Photo of Me at Lunada 2.25.13 by Adrian Arias

Poet Sandra Garcia Rivera. Photo by Adrian Arias

This fall, Lunada Literary Lounge celebrates 15 years as the Bay Area’s only full moon bilingual literary ritual and performance gathering, dedicated to spoken word, música, storytelling and performance.

I will be participating in the Lunada during this month’s full moon, at Galeria de la Raza on 24th and Bryant in San Francisco, Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  Poet and musician Sandra Garcia Rivera is the curator of the series.  I heard her poetry and have wanted to collaborate with her for a long time. I finally just met Sandra this month when I interviewed her for La Raza Chronicles on KPFA 94.1 fm. The interview airs tonite, October 7 at 7 PM, and will be available after the show on the KPFA archive.

I will read poems about the moon and other themes, including one about the co-founder of the Galeria de la Raza, artist and filmmaker, Ralph Maradiaga. There is a commemorative exhibit of his work on display there now, curated Dr. Amalia Mesa-Bains, foremost Chicana artist and art historians. I look forward to seeing it. The October 8th reading is part of 15th year of Lunada’s existence. I am honored to be a Madrina (Godmother) chosen to help celebrate the upcoming Quincinera party in April, 2015.

I am excited to join the two other featured younger poets, Dylan Amaro-Mc Intyre and Alejandra Mojica. In the Quinceañera tradition, throughout the year, the Lunada will feature Madrinas and Padrinos: artists and leaders who – through poetry, song, film, and narrative – reflect the creative and artistic spirit of the Lunada. The event’s format includes the three of us reading for 15 minutes each. Other poets can come early to sign up for the open mic. The first nine poets to sign up will read. The Lunada poetry lounge event began fifteen years ago in San Jose, created by Marc Pinate. Five years ago it moved to San Francisco to the Galeria de la Raza.

Lunada celebrates the full moon, the traditional time for a little extra madness. It will be fun. Come and join us.

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About Nina Serrano

Nina is a well-known, international prize-winning inspirational author and poet. With a focus on Latino history and culture, she is also a playwright, filmmaker, KPFA talk show host, a former Alameda County Arts Commissioner, and a co-founder of the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Oakland Magazine’s “best local poet” in 2010, she is a former director of the San Francisco Poetry in the Schools program and the Bay Area’s Storytellers in the Schools program. A Latina activist for social justice, women’s rights, and the arts, Nina Serrano at 84 remains vitally engaged in inspiring change and exploring her abundant creativity. For more information go to or contact her publisher at For more detailed information about Nina see About Nina on her website.

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