After the Earthquake/Después del terremoto

A film about Central America by Lourdes Portillo and Nina Serrano It was sometime around 1977 or `78 when Lourdes Portillo and I saw a short documentary film about Central America showing a Mary Knoll house building project in Nicaragua … Continue reading

How Cuba Leads the World in Permaculture: Part 2

The 11th International Permaculture Convergence and the Antonio Nuñez Jimenez Foundation for Nature and Humanity in Cuba, 2013 Nina Serrano Interviews Roberto Perez about Permaculture in Cuba, Part 2 Roberto Perez reviewed in Part 1 of this two part interview … Continue reading

How Cuba Leads the World in Permaculture: Part 1

Cuban Food Crisis after the Soviet Union Collapsed Nina Serrano Interviews Roberto Perez about Permaculture in Cuba, Part 1   Roberto Perez is a pioneer of the permaculture movement in Cuba where a food production revolution occurred starting in 1993, … Continue reading

What Is to Be Done? Que Hacer?

A Film about Chile in 1970 Nina Serrano co-directed Que Hacer with Saul Landau and Raul Ruis.  The film, co-produced by James Beckett and Saul Landau, won the Venice Film Festival prize for Directing. It was filmed on location in Chile during … Continue reading

Save the Post Office Poetry Performance

Save the Post Office Buildings from Privatization. Watch this video of my performance poem at the rally to stop the sale of the main Berkeley post office building and the  public art work within. Hope you like it. Scroll down … Continue reading

“Stop Monsanto!” A Poem by Nina Serrano

On a beautiful day in Oakland California, I participated in March Against Monsanto Rally, happening simultaneously worldwide. I was excited because I’d prepared a poem for the event that would finally free me from reading a piece of paper. For … Continue reading

Kidnapped Children of El Salvador Civil War

Searching for the Kidnapped Children of El Salvador Civil War Kidnapped children of El Salvador Civil War is the subject of this La Raza Chronicles broadcast on KPFA 94.1 fm April 2, 2013.  Nina Serrano interviews forensic geneticist Cristian Orrego and … Continue reading

Nina Serrano Video: Applause Teaches Child Storytellers the Right Lesson

Learning to Accept Applause Creates Self Esteem  Wikipedia says: “The custom of applauding may be as old and as widespread as humanity, and the variety of its forms is limited only by the capacity for devising means of making a … Continue reading

Open Book: Poems from Heart’s Journey

Please Tune in Friday, March 1st at 3pm to OPEN BOOK or online at your leisure <>. I will be reading poems from my new book, “Heart’s Journey” with live commentary by the insightful Jack Foley. We will be offering … Continue reading

Camilo Landau on Son Jarocho

Camilo Landau on Son Jarocho:  “Son Jarocho is a folkloric style of music from the Veracruz region of Mexico, that uses Mexican guitars called, jaranas, requintos Jarocho, Leonas, sometimes harp, and uses a percussive style of dancing on a wooden platform … Continue reading