Nina Serrano Interviews Genea Brice on Literary Dialogs

Vallejo’s First Poet Laureate has A Way with Words

Genea Brice the first poet laureate of Vallejo CA successfully campaigned for 3 years to initiate a poet laureate program in her hometown. Vallejo is a diverse working-class waterfront city on the shores of two rivers: the Napa River and the Sacramento River that flow into San Pablo Bay.

Genea Brice’s inspiring work reflects Vallejo in its praise of the natural world within and around it as well as her deep love and belief in people. You can feel it in her words as it reaches out to you and leaves you empowered.  Genea digs into her African-American culture with its resilient energy, attitude, and spiritual force. She loves the English language and moves in it with imagination and spirit. Her words are accessible and profound, influenced by a call and response format and ancestral traditions.

Genea Brice is a grandmother and lifelong learner and teacher, having recently received her Doctor of Divinity. She used her 2-year term as poet laureate to bring the love and fun of poetry into the Vallejo schools (K-12) and enrich the community with many poems written for civic organizations and events. her vibrant presence will be sorely missed as she leaves for a new adventure in Texas.

Click on the video to experience the vibrancy of her poetry and presence. You can find her books, A Way With Words (poetry) and Weaned in the Desert (autobiography) by clicking on the titles in this text.

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