Traces of Love by Nina Serrano

Traces of Love, a poem from
Heart Songs, Collected Poems 1969-1979
by Nina Serrano

Traces of Love, from Heart Songs Cover. Click on the cover to buy the ebook now.

Traces of Love, from Heart Songs Cover. Click on the cover to buy the ebook now.

“Traces of Love” is an offering from my book Heart Songs, Collected Poems of Nina Serrano, 1969-1979. Over the decades of reading poetry in public I seldom include my very short poems. Yet they are some of my favorites. The Nina Serrano website brings these under one minute poems to you for the first time. The poems are enhanced with music and visuals by community artists included in wonderful videos that you can watch here or on your phone or tablet wherever you are. Please share them with your friends, family and community.

My Short Poem Videos are produced and edited by Estuary Press as a collaboration between Paul Richards, Estuary Press, and me.  My thanks to John Cowan for the music. Enjoy them!

Traces of Love

Souvenirs of gentle feelings
Flowing currents
in the endless cycle
from a stream
to a teardrop.

© Nina Serrano 2014

Heart Songs: The Collected Poems of Nina Serrano, 1969-1980, was first published by Editorial Pocho Che, a Latino literary collective, as part of a three-book 10th anniversary series.  The other two books were Raul Salinas’ now classic Un Trip through the Mind Jail y Otras Excursions and Roberto Vargas’s legendary  Nicaragua Yo To Canto Besos  Balas  y Suenos de Libertad.  Estuary Press republished it as an ebook.

About Nina Serrano

Nina is a well-known, international prize-winning inspirational author and poet. With a focus on Latino history and culture, she is also a playwright, filmmaker, KPFA talk show host, a former Alameda County Arts Commissioner, and a co-founder of the San Francisco Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts. Oakland Magazine’s “best local poet” in 2010, she is a former director of the San Francisco Poetry in the Schools program and the Bay Area’s Storytellers in the Schools program. A Latina activist for social justice, women’s rights, and the arts, Nina Serrano at 84 remains vitally engaged in inspiring change and exploring her abundant creativity. For more information go to or contact her publisher at For more detailed information about Nina see About Nina on her website.


Traces of Love by Nina Serrano — 6 Comments

  1. So lovely, Nina. We’re leaving for new Zealand for a month at his very minute. Love, florence

  2. Lovely! I love the use of the water-themed music to complement the poem’s imagery. Your bite-sized videos are such a sweet interlude in the chatty internet world.

  3. Hi Marjorie, Thanks for your praise. You only have to go on the website and click on Subscribe and you will receive on your email each new bog post. Right now we are working on SHORT POEM VIDEOS. We are posting about one a week. We just taped 5 more that we are still editing. I hope you will enjoy them.

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