On New Years Day Unicorns Fly

Unicorn Horn in Night Sky by Nina Serrano

Unicorn Horn in Night Sky by Nina Serrano

The year ends in pajamas
and nibbles of holiday leftovers
and tying up loose ends
tossing out clutter that gets in the way
of winged unicorns preparing for flight
and the soaring journey of the herd
Lured by the glittering cosmos above
they take a galloping start
leaving footprints in the dust of dawn
and marks in time.

©2013 Nina Serrano

From Heart Strong, Selected Poems 2000-2012


On New Years Day Unicorns Fly — 6 Comments

  1. Cara Nina–Lovely poem—Happy New Year from Aggie and me
    with Love to you and Paul. Sempre—Jack

  2. Dear Nina, Wonderful poems. I love the winged unicorns! I just completed the new collection of poems that really started with a poem dedicated top you on the 2009 Winter Solstice. Abrazos–Francisco

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