“Let’s Shoot the Night!” Roque Dalton Film by Tina Leisch

I Love “Let’s Shoot the Night!” Don’t Miss It. Innovative Austrian documentary filmmaker, Tina Leisch (photo, right) just finished a movie about Roque Dalton called “Let’s Shoot the Night!” which is currently in the film festival circuit. She discovered the poetry of … Continue reading

Assassination of a Poet: Memories of Roque Dalton

My Friendship with Roque Dalton By NINA SERRANO (First Published in Counterpunch, 2007) I first met Roque Dalton in 1968 when I was in Havana working on a documentary film about Fidel with my then-husband, Saul Landau, and our two … Continue reading

Kidnapped Children of El Salvador Civil War

Searching for the Kidnapped Children of El Salvador Civil War Kidnapped children of El Salvador Civil War is the subject of this La Raza Chronicles broadcast on KPFA 94.1 fm April 2, 2013.  Nina Serrano interviews forensic geneticist Cristian Orrego and … Continue reading