Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano Featuring Dena and Becky Taylor

Tell Me the Number Before Infinity by Dena and Becky Taylor Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano welcomes the mother and daughter writing duo Dena and Becky Taylor to our show. Their book Tell Me The Number Before Infinity gives us … Continue reading

Forty Years in the Making

Video interview with Nina Serrano and Paul Richards The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Julieta Kusnir interviews Nina Serrano and Paul Richards about the publication of their play The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg in book and ebook … Continue reading

The Story of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg Update

A Story That Will Not Die! “In short we did not get a fair trial and we were framed.”Julius Rosenberg Toronto Play and Book Announcement Every Autumn, they say the veil between the living and the dead becomes permeable. Ghosts … Continue reading

Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

Interviewing Fabulous Writers and Poets Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano is a new series featuring fabulous writers and poets reading from their own works in conversation with me. Produced by Estuary Press, the series will appear on my Youtube channel and … Continue reading

Nina Serrano Interviews Genea Brice on Literary Dialogs

Vallejo’s First Poet Laureate has A Way with Words Genea Brice the first poet laureate of Vallejo CA successfully campaigned for 3 years to initiate a poet laureate program in her hometown. Vallejo is a diverse working-class waterfront city on the shores … Continue reading

Arturo Mantecón on Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano

Translator of “Poetry Comes Out of My Mouth” by Mario Santiago Papasquiaro Welcome to “Literary Dialogs with Nina Serrano,” the Estuary Press video series. In each episode I dialog with a favorite author and/or translator reading from their own writings. … Continue reading

Ben Linder, juggling for peace

A Song for Ben Linder U.S. Volunteer killed by the Contras while working to electrify El CUA by Nina Serrano From Heart’s Journey, Selected Poems 1970-1999 Ben Ben You turned on the light The town shining so bright for the … Continue reading

Advent of the Winter Solstice

Advent of the Winter Solstice My Dear, What shall we do through the longest night when the moon and the star remain in sight and dawn hovers in the wings waiting for its interminable cue? My Dear, we will be … Continue reading

Nicaragua Way’s Protagonist: Lorna Almendros

Nina Serrano on Lorna Almendros, the protagonist of Nicaragua Way, a Novel. Nina Serrano describes how the Sandinista movement impacted her protagonist, Lorna Almendros: “Lorna remembers the songs and the portrait of Sandino that her grandfather had showed her and … Continue reading

Invitation to NICARAGUA WAY Book Launch Party

Bright Moments in Hard Times NICARAGUA WAY Book Launch Party is happening. Come and celebrate. You are invited to Book Passages Bookstore by the Sausalito ferry landing in Sausalito, CA, Saturday, April 8 at 4 pm. Book reading and book signing. My … Continue reading