World Out of Order by Joe Serrano

Forthcoming Book of 60 Cartoons Because the World Needs a Good Laugh I am proud to announce that Estuary Press will publish “World Out of Order” by my late father, Joe Serrano (1912 – 1987). My poem, “Father’s Day 2020,” … Continue reading

Universal Earth Justice Peace Flag and Button

Nina Serrano Interviews Rafael Jesús González Poet Laureate of Berkeley, California creates a symbol for the Grand Vision to Unite Us All: A whole earth (entire, healthy, integral) capable of supporting all life. I had the pleasure of interviewing Rafael Jesús … Continue reading

Globalized Connections

On Writing Nicaragua Way 3 Welcome to my series of videos about writing Nicaragua Way. In this five part video series I reflect on the sources of inspiration that brought me to write a Latino historical novel. In this third video of … Continue reading