My First Poem: To Roque Dalton Before Leaving

. . . To Fight in El Salvador, 1969 I began writing in 1968 at age 36, when I wrote a video drama with Roque Dalton for Cuban TV. Dalton was an exiled Salvadoran writer living in Havana. My concern … Continue reading

Nina Serrano at Roque Dalton Film Showing 9/26/14

Fusilemos La Noche / Let’s Shoot the Night Latino Film Festival, Cine Mas, Mission Cultural Center, San Francisco, Friday, September 26, 2014, 7 PM. Innovative Austrian documentary filmmaker Tina Leisch’s new movie about Roque Dalton, the national poet of El Salvador, … Continue reading

“Let’s Shoot the Night!” Roque Dalton Film by Tina Leisch

I Love “Let’s Shoot the Night!” Don’t Miss It. Innovative Austrian documentary filmmaker, Tina Leisch (photo, right) just finished a movie about Roque Dalton called “Let’s Shoot the Night!” which is currently in the film festival circuit. She discovered the poetry of … Continue reading

Assassination of a Poet: Memories of Roque Dalton

My Friendship with Roque Dalton By NINA SERRANO (First Published in Counterpunch, 2007) I first met Roque Dalton in 1968 when I was in Havana working on a documentary film about Fidel with my then-husband, Saul Landau, and our two … Continue reading