Nina Serrano YouTube Channel

Author, Poet, Film Maker, Radio Host/Producer The Nina Serrano YouTube Channel features inspirational videos of her poetry performances, her interviews on theater and culture, and her life in the arts. The channel also offers interviews about her book Nicaragua Way, a romance … Continue reading

Ancestors Stir the Pot, a poem

The search for roots and acceptance of death Fortunately, I had a chance to share this poem, Ancestors Stir the Pot, with my beloved brother, Philip Serrano, just before he died suddenly. I am left with the acceptance of death. … Continue reading

“Nicaragua Way” Novel by Nina Serrano Forthcoming From Estuary Press

Revolution & Romance Novel Set in Nicaragua and USA, 1970’s – 1980’s The other day my KPFA colleague and fellow poet, Dennis Bernstein asked, “So Nina, what are you writing? ” I had to stop and think and switch from … Continue reading

Valerie Haynes Perry, prize winning novelist

Celebrate and enjoy African-American History month. Listen today at 3pm, KPFA 94.1fm  My guest on Open Book/Poet to Poet is Valerie Haynes Perry, prize winning author. Valerie reads from three of her page-turning novels and discusses her themes and writing … Continue reading